Style Crush #4 - Jessica Alba

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Jessica Alba's style always looks so sleek, yet style, and yet so effortless. I wish I had the gift. She's always switching up her style, which I think is great, because one style is boring. Even on her casual days she looks gorgeous!

Style Crush #3 - Ferne Cotton

Now I wouldn't particularly know how to pull Ferne's look off, and I do think it's slightly unusual but that's what's great about it and her, she can pull it off, it suits her so well.

Trends - TARTAN

So I do go fashion shopping quite regularly or when I can, I have quite a squeeze of a budget at the moment, but when I do I always check out what's trendy for this season, as I suppose most people do. Especially now I have to keep this blog up to scratch I need to impress you guys with my trendy fashion knowledge. Recently I went to Oxford Street and walked for ever and ever, looking in every single shop which just kills off a little chunk every time you see something you want, but you haven't got the money, I need to save! But when I did go I noticed one design which I think a lot of other people have to, because it is everywhere! And that is Tartan. I have literally seen it on every mannequin when I've walked into a shop, now I don't usually tend to buy items that are a really big trend and everyone's wearing, and I also don't usually like tartan, but I have seen a few items with this design and I have loved it. I saw an amazing mini skirt in Urban Outfitters... Lovely.

Let me know what you think about Tartan in the Comments.